Pathway to a Purposeful Career Programme

Who is this Programme for?

This programme is designed for anyone who wants to take control of their career. 

If you're feeling stuck, unfulfilled, or craving change but have no idea where to begin or doubt your abilities, this programme will be tailor-made to fit your specific needs and will  bring about clarity and self-awareness, empowering you to navigate towards a more fulfilling career path. 

The Aim

To provide you with a comprehensive coaching experience that will  empower you to achieve personal and professional growth by fostering self-discovery, uncovering strengths, aligning values, exploring career pathways, and creating a strategic plan for future success.

Delivery Method

The programme is delivered through personalised sessions tailored to your preference. You can choose between face-to-face meetings conducted in offices in Winnersh or Reading or via online Zoom sessions.

What's Included

The sessions are designed to provide comprehensive support tailored to your needs and include the following:

Five One-Hour Sessions: See module guide below.

Worksheets and exercises: Guided exercises and worksheets to complement our discussions and enhance your learning experience.

Email Support: Direct email access to me for additional support, guidance, and clarifications between sessions. I'm here to address any questions or concerns you may have as you progress through the programme.

Follow-Up Calls: Two optional 10-minute follow-up calls between sessions, scheduled as needed. These calls provide an opportunity to address any emerging issues, celebrate successes, or discuss any challenges you may be facing.

Post-Programme Support: A half-hour session scheduled one month after the completion of the programme to offer continued guidance and support as you implement your career plan.

Programme Overview

Delving Deep into Self-Discovery

This session will help you  foster self-awareness through coaching conversations and various exercises. You'll uncover and address limiting beliefs, explore intrinsic motivations, and refine your aspirations, to set a strong foundation for your career progression.

Discover Your Strengths

 This session is dedicated to uncovering and understanding your unique strengths and skills crucial for career advancement. Through targeted exercises and guidance, you will develop a clear awareness of your abilities, empowering you to utilise them effectively in your professional pursuits and career growth.

Aligning Values and Personal Motivation 

 Through the application of proven techniques, we'll uncover and explore your values, revealing what truly matters to you. Furthermore, we'll examine your motivations, empowering you to channel them effectively in your job search and career, fostering a sense of fulfilment and authenticity. 

Strategic Career Mapping 

Unlock the potential of your imagination as we navigate various job sectors and diverse career pathways together. Through reflective discussions and exercises, we guide the exploration of potential career options, empowering you to envision and assess pathways aligned with your aspirations.

Planning Ahead

Now focus on consolidating all the newfound insights from the program and create a plan to move forward confidently in your career goals.  Learn essential techniques for gathering vital information and progressing in your areas of interest.

Pathway to a Purposeful Career Programme Investment: £450